Family Business Coaching

Coaching for Family Business Owners & Next Generation Leaders

One on One Coaching

Coaching is an ongoing powerful dialogue between the coach & the leader. The key objective is to unlock the growth potential and empower leaders to overcome barriers towards achieving their goals.

  • Bringing clarity on purpose & vision of the leader

  • Identifying & sharply defining the key challenges faced by the leader

  • Creating the roadmap to overcome the challenges leveraging their strengths.

  • Designing an execution plan to achieve the goal & objectives

  • Review the progress through accountability session.

"My father is not ready to let go of his control in business. What do I do?"
"Rather than encouraging me, my uncle constantly picks on mistakes in my work. I feel so stressed & lonely."
"I cant work with my brother, he has anger issues and he shouts at me. I think it would be better if start living separate."
"We can grow 3x in next 5 years but I am not sure how do I align my family to work together in business"

Dilemmas of Family Business Leaders

"How do I induct the next generation in our family business?"
"Since my two sons joined the family business, every discussion results in an argument. How do I work with them, and build synergy?"
black and white exercise equipment
black and white exercise equipment

Leadership in Family Business

Family Harmony

Strengthening Relationships, Managing Differences, Resolving Conflicts, Uniting Family

Business Growth

Vision, Goals, Professionalisation, Governance Structures & Effective Reviews

Developing your craft, influencing stakeholders, Strengthening Communication, Building credibility

Coaching Process

a person holding a baseball bat
a person holding a baseball bat
man holding girl heading towards sea
man holding girl heading towards sea
depth of field photography of man playing chess
depth of field photography of man playing chess


Clarity of Goals
Stronger Relationships

Deeper Self-Awareness,
Clarity of Vision & Priorities

Stronger Alignment,
Increased Influence with stakeholders

Enhanced Capabilities

Redesign Strategy and Enhanced Execution Capabilities

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