3 Hours Workshop: Talking Family Business

Uncover the
Family Business Blueprint

Attended by 1800+ Family Business Owners & Next Generation Leaders

Family Constitution was a big learning for me!

I believe a Family Constitution is quite helpful for a family business before the next generation joins. This document helps clarify how next generation can engage, communicate, and find balance with the senior generation. It also helps the senior generation recognise the perspectives of the next generation.

- Ms. Rahasya Maroor, 3rd Generation from Mangalore

Very insightful session!

"I loved the case study presented by Sunil during the session. It's very interesting to see how he identified the root cause, the core challenge, where it's more about the interpersonal relationship between family members and not just about business challenges. Being in a family business, we tend to mix up family issues with business issues. Learning about different rooms was a great insight."

- Mr. Arun Pai, 3rd Generation Family Business Owner

Do you feel stuck
in your family business?

If you are working in your family business, I am sure you have experienced this yourself. Working with family members in business can be overwhelming. Constantly managing the expectations of family and business and then planning for future. This is what makes family businesses extremely complex. Majority of the family businesses fail, not because of business issues. They fail because of family issues!

Imagine if you could resolve these challenges for your family and lead them towards growth. Talking Family Business is an exclusive opportunity to learn the practices of successful multi- generation family business owners and family business.

"Building you to lead the family business."

Mr. Sunil Soni
Family Business Practitioner

The 3 hour workshop is delivered by

Mentor for Next Generation Leaders | Coach | Family Business Advisor

With an experience of 15+ years working with family businesses. My practice focuses on developing the next generation, managing communication & decision making for multi generation family businesses.

  • Insights from 600+ Indian family business

  • Worked with 55+ family business to build alignment for growth

  • Collaborating with 150+ Family Business Advisors internationally - Redefining global best practices for Indian Families

Talking Family Business

The three-hour workshop is designed to help family business owners learn and uncover the best practices of successful family businesses to achieve their objectives of growth and harmony in the family business.

man on thinking pose
man on thinking pose
black and white exercise equipment
black and white exercise equipment

Are you facing challenges because of generational differences?

Do you
find it difficult to manage family needs & business needs?

Are you struggling with unclear and delayed decision-making?

Uncover the blueprint of Family Business Success

96% of family businesses
break within 3 generations

"The family-owned business is a very complex entity and therefore it needs a bit more thinking and training. More than 80 per cent of issues in family-owned business are actually identical around the world. The solutions, however, are unique to each family. "

Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman,

Hero Enterprises (Hero Motocorp)

A global research on family business says

"Almost all family companies, at some stage of their continuation, face a quiet, not-so-spoken conflict, as the next generation with new aspirations come of age and challenges older constructs -- constructs that have fared well thus far."

Mr Harsh Mariwala, Chairman,
Marico Limited (Parachute Oil Company)

How are we different from the 100s of other live sessions

  • The session will be hosted by Mr Sunil Soni, Family Business Practitioner - who actually helps family businesses deal with these challenges.

  • A conversation that is guaranteed to be real, authentic & grounded in real experience. It comes from my experiences of meeting 600+ family business - how did they overcome struggles faced by every family business, what worked & what didn’t work for them.

  • It is original content - you won't find this in any book, in any video. It is stuff that is spoken about in closed-room conversations. I am bringing it out to you.

Who should attend

The sessions are designed for:

  • Family Business Owners

  • Now Generation - Leaders playing the role of project head, functional head or business head in family business

  • Next Generation - Sons/ daughters aspiring to join the family business

  • Members of family business- Spouses, Senior generation member

  • Business leaders keen to engage their next generation in business

  • Professionals working in a family owned business

Top Reasons
Family Businesses
attend the session

Aha moments!!

Gain clarity

Grow Your Influence in the Family Business

Learn Successful Family Business Practices

Legacy Stories of Family Businesses

Gain Insights into Multi-Generational Family Business

Grow your business
to next level

Make decisions faster

Build Alignment

Strengthen Relationships

Express yourself

Rebuild connections

Learn to manage
Family Wealth

Manage difference of views


  • Identify the needs of your family business

  • Get insights into practices of successful family business

  • Build alignment within family members for growth

  • Unlock & rebuild important relationships

  • Grow your influence amongst family & other stakeholders

  • Build harmony in family relationships

  • Enable & empower your next generation in family business

  • Establish clarity and systems to manage growth in family & business

person holding compass facing towards green pine trees
person holding compass facing towards green pine trees

Amazing session! Now, I feel more relieved after the session.

I had so many doubts that would affect my decision making. When you shared your experiences, I started seeing in a different way, I feel the right way!

- 2nd Generation from Kerala, Age: 27

It was a great experience!

Sunil, your competency and the way of handling such complex issues was exemplary!!! Yeh dil maange more!!

- 3rd Generation from Kolkata, Age: 36


"Sunil you have an amazing in-depth understanding of complexities faced by family businesses. Through these discussion now I am able to better understand the perspectives of other members in family business."

- 4th Generation from Delhi, Age: 41

"Thank you Sunil for guiding me! After our conversation, I took the heart to express myself to my elder brother and I am happy he heard me. That is half the job done!"

- 2nd Generation from Kolkata, Age: 33

"I had no idea I could speak about my challenges to someone external. I thought I was the only one stuck with these concerns. I felt safe to opening up here. Thank you Sunil!"

- 3rd Generation from Nagpur, Age: 36

"I joined my family business after completing my education. I wanted to contribute & grow the business but I couldn’t align with my father. Discussions in the session really helped me understand my father's perspective."

- 2nd Generation from Jaipur, Age: 27

"My father called me back from the USA. Everyday, I felt lonely, miserable and aloof. I couldn't work with my cousins in my family business. These discussion helped me deal with my situation in a better way."

- 3rd Generation from Indore, Age: 25

"Being a daughter in family business, I was fighting for my own identity & freedom. Everyone around me said, it's all served for you in a silver platter. But for me, it wasn't that easy. Sunil & other members in peer group heard me and shared their experience. I feel so much better."

- 2nd Generation from Chennai, Age: 31

"After our family separation, I saw my father stressed & struggling alone in business. I wanted to help! I had no idea where to start, Sunil helped me take the first few steps. I am glad I attended his sessions in time."

- 2nd Generation from Delhi, Age: 26

"In these sessions I have learnt more than what I could learn from my 18 months long course at the university."

- 4th Generation from Baroda, Age: 23


Registration and details

  • The online conference will be live for 3 hours , presented by Sunil Soni.

  • The conversation will NOT be available as a recording for any participants.

  • Once you have registered, you will receive an acknowledgement email only from Razorpay (confirming your payment) and not from us.

  • A private zoom link will be shared on your email address 2-3 hours before the event.

Is this a live session or a pre - recorded session?
TFB is a 3 hours live session with Sunil along with other participants from family businesses. It is an amazing opportunity to learn and gather insights for becoming successful in your family business.

Privacy Policy & Session Recording
Any data or discussion will not be shared with anyone in any case. For future marketing initiative, the organisers will record the session.

I have not received a confirmation email? How do I check my status?
Don't worry, if you have completed the registration, you should receive an acknowledgment email on payment in a few hours. In case you would like any more details please feel free to reach us at ifbnconsultants@gmail.com

Refund & Cancellation Policy
There is a no-questions asked full-refund for your registration up until 24 hours before the session. Just let us know if something comes up. You will be given another opportunity to attend the session or you can request for 100% refund. No refunds can be availed after the session.

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low angle photography of trees during daytime