Preparing the
Next Generation

Nurturing the Next Generation Leaders in family to lead the family business.

Nurturing the Next Generation of Leadership

The success and longevity of family business depends on the capability of their next generation.

Building a capable next generation requires proactively recognising their needs at different stages of professional and personal development:

  • Induction of Next Generation in Family Business

  • Managing Family & Business Roles

  • Developing key skills for management & entrepreneurship

  • Becoming responsible owners of business & family wealth

  • Building upon family legacy and values

Challenges of Succession Planning
Challenges of Succession Planning
72% of family businesses identified
'lack of skills and expertise' among the next generation
as a significant challenge in succession planning.

(Study by KPMG in 2020)

79% lack clarity on future leadership transitions in family business.

(Grant Thornton India)

Needs of Next Generation in Family Business

Developing the capabilities of the next generation in family business is crucial to successful transitions because it ensures a seamless transfer of knowledge, values, and expertise. This proactive approach not only prepares the successors for the challenges and responsibilities they will inherit but also contributes to the overall sustainability and growth of the family enterprise.

Induction of Next Generation - Succession Planning
Induction of Next Generation - Succession Planning
Development of Next Generation - Succession Planning
Development of Next Generation - Succession Planning
Passing a business to the next generation - Family Business
Passing a business to the next generation - Family Business

Induction of Next Generation

Development of Next Generation

Passing the Business to the Next generation

Process of Developing Next Generation

IFBN- Succession Planning Process
IFBN- Succession Planning Process

With insights from 600+ family businesses, our unique process of succession planning focuses on aligning the needs of senior leadership and next-generation leaders by fostering open communication and collaboration. This collaborative approach not only facilitates a seamless transition of roles and responsibilities but also promotes a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and mutual respect,
ensuring family harmony, sustained success, and the longevity of the family business.


  • Opportunity to Infuse Fresh Thinking & New Age Ideas

  • Strengthened Alignment and Enhanced Accountability

  • Enhanced Business Performance

  • Business Continuity & Long - Term Legacy

  • Improved business acumen and skills

  • Enhanced capabilities of Next Generation Leaders

  • Clear succession plan for key stakeholders

  • Prevent Family conflict

  • Reduced risk of financial loss

  • Pass on Family Values, Legacy ​​and Traditions

  • Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit in Family Business

  • Encourage Family to Stay Together and Share Family Bonds

  • Diversify the family enterprise

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“Other things may change, but we start and end with the family.” –Anthony Brandt

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Our mission

We believe in the institution of family to nurture values based leadership.

Our mission is to inspire business families to develop capable & generous business leaders & their next generation who can lead our communities with strong values.

Our vision

  • Serve 1,000 family businesses by 2028

  • Serve 25,000 family businesses by 2040

Our expertise

  • Creating a safe space of effective communication

  • Exclusive experience of 600+ family businesses

  • Delivered by Family Business Practitioner

  • Implementation focused

  • High impact interventions

  • Customised development process for your needs in family & business