Meeting Peers
in Family Business

An exclusive peer club for Family Business Owners

Meeting Peers in Family Business is something new and very unique!

I have never heard about a forum exclusively designed for family business owners. Sunil has designed this in a very structured way, and the discussions will certainly resonate with your own needs in the family business.

It’s a great opportunity to network with business owners from different cities and industries in a similar age group with similar aspirations. It’s very comforting to have a space to talk about our experiences in the family business with like minded peers. I think 2 hours every 2 weeks at MPFB is certainly worth it!

- Mr Pradyut Gupta, 4th Generation from Bangalore

Not bookish solutions!

A closed and private group to express yourself, where others listen to you without judgments. When I shared my experience, everyone in the group related and shared their experiences, suggesting how I can approach differently.

It's a good opportunity to reflect, to zoom out, and learn through the experiences of other family business owners. You learn from what has worked for other family businesses.

- Mr Varun Biyani, 3rd Generation from Kolkata

Fantastic initiatives for Family Business Owners

Experiences shared by other family business owners, coming from the 2nd and 3rd generations, were very interesting. Learning about the challenges they face and understanding what worked for them was insightful. Some problems we had already faced and resolved, so it was an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other family business owners. The initiative focuses on growing the family business, continuing the legacy, and aligning the family members.

- Mr Sujal Shrestha, 3rd Generation from Kathmandu, Nepal

Meeting Peers in Family Business

Introducing! The first peer group for Family Businesses in India

Exclusively limited to 8 to 12 members within each peer group.

A safe space to discuss experiences & challenges of Family Business

Who should join

The peer groups are designed for:

  • Family Business Owners

  • Now Generation - Leaders playing the role of project head, functional head or business head in family business

  • Next Generation - Sons/ daughters aspiring or have recently joined the family business

  • 1st generation Business leaders keen to engage their next generation in family into business

Network with
Family Business Owners

Connect with other family business owners who share similar backgrounds and experiences, and establish valuable relationships that can enhance your business through shared insights and collaborations.

Confidential &
Supportive groups

A safe space to express yourself and the aspirations, challenges, and dilemmas of your family business with peers who can understand and connect with the unique needs and context of your family business.

Learn from
Peers' Experiences

Accountability Partners

Learn from the real-life experiences of your peers, gaining practical knowledge that can be applied to your own family business for improved decision-making and growth.

Each member is paired with an accountability partner from the group who supports you and holds you accountable for the actions you've committed to, helping you accomplish your goals.

How are we different?

Discover Growth Strategies

Live Case Studies

Engage in dynamic sessions led by experienced practitioner who present real-life case studies. Delve into concrete examples of challenges and solutions faced by family businesses, gaining invaluable insights

Uncover proven growth strategies that have driven success for leading family businesses. Learn new mindsets, skills, and multiple approaches to drive your family business to the next level.

The sessions are facilitated by
Family Business Practitioner

Insights from
Family Business
Learn Best Practices
of Multi Generation
Family Business
Next Steps in your
personal journey
with expert
Mr. Sunil Soni
Family Business Practitioner

"Building you to lead the family business."

Experience of 15+ years with family businesses

Do you feel alone
in your family business?

"My father is not ready to let go of his control in business. What do I do?"

"I cant work with my brother, he has anger issues and he shouts at me. I think it would be better if start living separate."

"Rather than encouraging me, my uncle constantly picks on mistakes in my work. I feel so stressed & lonely."

"We can grow 3x in next 5 years but I am not sure how do I align my family to work together in business"

Family businesses come with their own set of unique challenges. Working with family members in business can create confusion around the expectations of business roles and family roles. All members have differences in capabilities and different aspirations in life; this further creates alignment issues and accountability challenges. Communication becomes complex, decisions are delayed, and business performance struggles. During transitions of responsibilities from one generation to the other, the change can become even more complicated.

Our goal is to provide a platform for family business owners and the next generation to connect, exchange experiences, and learn from one another in a confidential and supportive environment to help them resolve these challenges for your family and lead them towards growth.

Lead your family business
towards the growth and harmony

Our insights from 600+ family businesses helped us create breakthroughs for family businesses in decision making, communication, relationship building, and creating strong governance structures for multi-generational success.

Become a leader in your family business

Enhance family
bond & harmony

Grow your
family business to next level

Top Reasons
Family Businesses
join the peer groups

Am I alone in facing these challenges?

Gain more perspectives

Understand the journey of other family business leaders

Build credibility for greater responsibility and authority in decision-making

Understand how others have tackled similar challenges

Prepare the next generation in your family business

Learn to have difficult conversation within the family

Transition towards a more professional setup

Seek guidance in decision-making and implementation

Learn to implement effective strategies to resolve differences.

Share my experiences & insights

Develop skills in dealing with seniors and managing ego

Learn from the practitioner

Address decision-making and deadlock scenarios

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Join your Peer Group

We understand the unique needs and aspirations of family business owners at various stages of their involvement in the family business. Our groups are designed specifically to facilitate connections with individuals who share similar backgrounds and possess valuable experience. We understand the complexities that come with managing a family business, and aim to provide a supportive community where these challenges can be discussed and overcome.

Post registration our team will reach out to you to share the session details and understand your expectations.
Please feel free to reach us at

Next Generation Leaders

Family Business Leaders

Age: 20 - 35 years old

Age: 35 years old & above


  • Build harmony in family

  • Identify what makes your family business unique

  • Resolve your challenges with family business expert and learn from the experiences of family business leaders in your group

  • Build alignment within family members for growth

  • Unlock & rebuild important relationships in family

  • Grow your influence amongst family & stakeholders

  • Enable & empower your next generation in family business

  • Find new business opportunities

  • Establish clarity and systems to manage growth in family & business.

  • Network with Family Business Owners

Session Design

Peer group meetings are scheduled twice a month, with each session designed for 2 hours. Each group is intentionally limited to only 8-12 members, all exclusively from family business backgrounds, and will be facilitated by Mr. Sunil Soni.

These gatherings will be conducted via Zoom, providing you the flexibility to participate from any location around the world and network with family business leaders from all over Indian & Nepal.


"Through this community I have built my network with family business owners across the country. I have met some amazing people from other industry here."

- 2nd Generation from Hyderabad, Age: 36

"Sunil's approach is implementation-oriented. I work with my uncle in the family business. His inputs helped me strengthen our relationship and create a clear role and decision-making structure for fast-paced growth in the business."

- 2rd Generation from Pune, Age: 30

"Thank you Sunil for guiding me! After our conversation, I took the heart to express myself to my elder brother and I am happy he heard me. That is half the job done!"

- 2nd Generation from Kolkata, Age: 33

"Our family business was struggling because family members were failing to work together due to lack of clarity in decision making. Sunil's insights about how other business families manage through these issues was really helpful."

-3rd Generation from Mumbai, Age: 34

"I had no idea I could speak about my challenges to someone external. I thought I was the only one stuck with these concerns. I felt safe to opening up here. Thank you Sunil!"

- 3rd Generation from Nagpur, Age: 36

"I joined my family business after completing my education. I wanted to contribute & grow the business but I couldn’t align with my father. Discussions in the session really helped me understand my father's perspective."

- 2nd Generation from Jaipur, Age: 27

"My father called me back from the USA. Everyday, I felt lonely, miserable and aloof. I couldn't work with my cousins in my family business. These discussion helped me deal with my situation in a better way."

- 3rd Generation from Indore, Age: 25

"Being a daughter in family business, I was fighting for my own identity & freedom. Everyone around me said, it's all served for you in a silver platter. But for me, it wasn't that easy. Sunil & other members in peer group heard me and shared their experience. I feel so much better."

- 2nd Generation from Chennai, Age: 31

"After our family separation, I saw my father stressed & struggling alone in business. I wanted to help! I had no idea where to start, Sunil helped me take the first few steps. I am glad I attended his sessions in time."

- 2nd Generation from Delhi, Age: 26

"In these sessions I have learnt more than what I could learn from my 18 months long course at the university."

- 4th Generation from Baroda, Age: 23


Registration and details

  • To register, please use the provided registration link.

  • Upon clicking the link, you'll be prompted to fill out a signup form.

  • Following your registration, expect to receive an interview call within a few days.

  • Our team will contact you to provide session details and to learn about your expectations.

  • Should you meet the criteria for peer group membership, you will receive an invitation to confirm your seat.

Is this a live session or a pre - recorded session?
Meeting peers in family business is a real time discussion with Sunil & 8-12 other peers from family businesses. The 2 hour session will be organised every alternate week (twice a month) and opens an amazing opportunity to hear stories, learn and gather insights from other family business leaders coming from similar background.

The group is exclusively designed for family business owners & their next generation. A private zoom link will be shared on your email address 2 hours before the event, for you to join from anywhere in the world.

I have not received a confirmation email? How do I check my status?
Don't worry, if you have completed the registration, you should receive an acknowledgment email on payment in a few hours. In case you would like any more details please feel free to reach us at