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Mr. Sunil Soni

With an experience of 16+ years working with family businesses. My practice focuses on managing communication, decision making & developing the next generation for multi generation family businesses.

  • Experience of diagnosing challenges of 600+ Indian family business

  • Worked with 55+ family business to build alignment for growth & harmony.

  • Collaborating with 160+ Family Business Advisors internationally - Redefining global best practices for Indian Families

Client Profile:

Sunil Soni - Family Business Consultant, Coach, Advisor, Mentor for Next Generation
Sunil Soni - Family Business Consultant, Coach, Advisor, Mentor for Next Generation

Business Turnover
80 crs - 5200 crs

Business Verticals
1 - 8 Business Ventures

1st - 6th Gen

International Publications



Wings Podcast

In this episode of Wings Podcast we meet Sunil Soni who is the founder of “Indian Family Business Network”. Conversation in this episode meanders around three broad themes - being Indian, about family and on business.

The Connected Generations Podcast

Sunil is the founder of a community for family business owners & next generation leaders. He is very passionate about multigenerational family business. As a defence kid, he was born & brought up in multiple cities in India. After completing 20 years of service in the Indian Air Force, his father got back to his family business and that's where he found his passion for business and eventually Family Businesses.

Safe Space Podcast

Join Francesco Lombardo for this week's Safe Space as he speaks with Sunil Soni, Family Business Advisor with Indian Family Business Network. Many Indian family businesses are still first generation, or beginning to think about the transition to the second generation. Most don’t recognize there are or will be challenges, not knowing what to do about them, and continue to unintentionally “push everything under the carpet”. How can families change this for the better?

Mentoring the
Next Generation Leaders in Family Business

Mentoring Next Generation in Family Business
Mentoring Next Generation in Family Business


Developing Next Generation in Family Business (1)
Developing Next Generation in Family Business (1)

Industry Associations

Thank you Sunil for guiding me! After our sessions, I took the heart to express myself to my elder brother, and I am so happy he heard me. This is for the first time we felt so connected after starting working together in business."

- 2nd Generation Member (Age: 34), Kolkata

Client's Testimonials

"Sunil has an amazing in-depth understanding of complexities faced by family businesses. After his sessions now I am able to better understand the perspectives of my brother & father in family business."

- 4th Generation Member (Age: 41), Delhi

"The session on Ownership Succession for family businesses opened our eyes to new possibilities.

As the eldest brother in the family, I wanted to ensure that our family wealth was accessible to all three brothers equally, especially after the loss of our father.

Sunil's insights were invaluable in helping us understand the different ways we could structure our family wealth and how it would impact our succession planning. He also inspired us to think deeper about the true meaning of wealth for our family, including the purpose of our wealth and the values that we hold dear.

The session helped us think about our family's future in a more holistic way and create a plan that would preserve and promote our family spirit for generations to come."

- Mr Atul Garg, Oddy India
2nd Generation Member (Age: 52), Delhi

"I am a good businessman but I am not a good teacher. Since our next generation joined the family business, I was struggling to help them grow. Normal decisions were leading to confusions. The next generation development program by Sunil was transformational for our next generation. We learnt an effective way to communicate, make decisions and manage our differences."

- 3rd Generation Member (Age: 56), Kolkata

"After coming back form USA , my father asked me to join the family business. At work, I was all over the place. I couldn't work with my cousins. Everyday, I felt lonely, miserable and aloof. Sunil helped me realise what I was missing and helped me figure tiny steps I could take to rebuild my family connections at work."

- 3rd Generation Member (Age: 25), Indore

"With our one-to-one discussion today, I am reconsidering my decision to separate from my family. Now, I have learned what I wasn't doing right, and I will focus on things under my control. Thanks, Sunil!"

- 3rd Generation Member (Age: 37), Jaipur

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